Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pulling back the mask...just a little bit

I have been pretty secretive about my identity on this blog {still can't believe I posted pictures..even if they were faceless!} and am still hesitant to go all out with my identity.

I am not sure what is holding me back from sharing everything, but if figure a little here and a little there is the way to go. So, moving slowly but surely I decided to throw my name out there.
So...hi blog world, you can call me Jan. Nice to meet you!


Lady Lap Band said...

Hi Jan!!

I'm Breanne! Thanks for the blog comment! It's hard to find consistancy in restriction, you are right it's frustrating!

Lady Lap Band said...
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THE DASH! said...

Jan! Way coooool to meet you... stoked in fact. Hey, I nominated you for an award.. a coming out award so to speak lol. xx

Lady Lap Band said...

Hi Jan!

I gave you can award, you can view it on my page